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Not Just A Pretty Face ...

Not Just A Pretty Face ...

The face is the first body part we think of when we discuss aging. We focus so much time and energy on our looks that we really end up neglecting all the other body parts. Partly due to the fact that the face is the most 'looked at' part of the body when we look in the mirror. We know people will look at our face first and everything else becomes secondary.


When it comes to smoothing out those ‘hard-workers’, Radiesse is the tried and tested solution to make hands look pretty again. Your hands are your most used assets that you really couldn’t accomplish much without. We take these pair for granted so easily, but really have a lot to thank them for. Once they start to lose their smooth surface, it is worth considering Radiesse to inject some life back into them. A professional aesthetic or trained doctor in the field of aesthetics can help you achieve beautiful looking hands again. After all, age is something that creeps up on us slowly and often we don’t realise that lines, wrinkles and folds are even present. In fact many would be quick to deny such lines even exist, as they have enjoyed their natural good looks for so many years, that they would never imagine such beauty could ever diminish from them. Ageing is something we often have to slowly come to terms with, to accept, each time we face our reflection. During lockdown, we have more time to analyse emerging lines, as we are not rushing to catch the uber or underground to work.  

Our hands have taken a real beating when they’re being exposed to the sun daily, or being washed with hot water and soap. Moisturizing them with a quality invested hand cream is essentially the best care we can give them. For hands that cross the aging border line, Radiesse is the perfect solution to boost youth back into them.


The neck and chest area are another area so many women will start to show signs of loose aging skin. The elasticity starts to loosen and lines become even more noticeable whilst wearing low cut tops. 

Continuing your facial care regime right down to the top of your chest will ensure your décolleté area receives the best invested care for the years to come. Keeping that taut resilient youthfulness is important for many women. Moisturizing creams and sunscreen combined, can offer the best hydration to prevent early aging in this area.

However, it’s never too late to create a smooth appearance and NCTF 135HA is a mesotherapy solution that is commonly used to treat the décolleté area.

Ear Lobes


Ear lobes can begin to sag and lose elasticity with age, but also with the weight of heavy earrings. Restylane is a popular solution to create more volume within the earlobes, making them appear more youthful once again. Similar to other facial features, such as the nose, ear lobes often resemble a unique shape and form for each individual and whilst some people exhibit lobes that are less present, others will have more prominent lobes, noticeable from a young age. Prominent lobes combined with regular wear of heavy earrings, will result in an increased chance of sagging lobes. 

In summary, it’s not the just a pretty face that translates age and beauty. Other body components play a key role too in partnership with the face. Yes, it is the face that plays a larger role with specific names allocated to each type of wrinkle zone, for example, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines and marionette lines, but patients should consider addressing one or more body parts to work in smooth coherence with each other. Wrinkly hands and a smooth plumped face can contradict each other.

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