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The Juvederm family of injectables are long lasting hyaluronic acid gels with varying concentrations and consistencies. Products are packed as either:

2 x 0.55ml (Juvederm Ultra Smile and Juvederm Ultra 2)

2 x 1ml (Juvederm Ultra 3, Juvederm Ultra 4, Juvederm VoliteJuvederm Volbella and Juvederm Voluma)

Many doctors choose to use Juvéderm over other brands because Juvéderm products have a great safety profile and provide reliable results.

Like all filler brands, Juvederm results are visible instantly, with some swelling which resolves itself within a week. Patients usually require between one and two syringes of Juvéderm for each treatment area, but may benefit from three or four. Factors including age, depth of wrinkles need to be considered before deciding how much a patient requires. 


To receive bulk buy discounts on the Juvederm range, please contact us at for discounted rates for your company.