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Cheek Volume

Creating a lifted cheekbone appearance results in an aesthetically-pleasing look. How is this possible? When the cheeks are elevated, they bring more emphasis on the eyes, creating a sexy platform on which they look out upon. 

When looking at the forward profile of the face, cheeks will also appear to be elevated outwards creating a strong, defined outline.

This description of how cheek volume can create a strong look that elevates youth and chiselled cheekbones doesn't define all uses of Voluma. Cheek filling is not solely for women and men seeking a more glamorous look. Patients who have sunken cheeks, will opt for more cheek volume from a medical perspective. FDA approved Juvederm Voluma is approved for cheek volume to give patients a healthy looking, younger and more beautiful appearance.

Although Juvederm Voluma is the most popular cheek filler, there are other brands that are also administered. Radiesse Lidocaine, Restylane Lyft and Belotero Volume are some of the other fillers used to create cheek volume at a more cost-effective price.