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Sagging Ear Lobes

Sagging ear lobes are a concern for many women who have drooping lobes. Years of heavy statement jewelry wear means that weighty earrings may add glamour in the early years, but there's a price to pay after you turn fifty. Ear lobes may not sit up straight like they once used to.

The tugging of jewelry on skin tissue within the lobe can mean ear lobes lose their elasticity due to constant stretching. Tucking the ear lobe back in again with the filling properties of Restylane Lidocaine is a possible solution using a medical professional who has experience of this type of treatment. 

The plump lift effect of hyaluronic acid on creating new lobes is becoming a trending thing across many countries. 

Ears look much happier afterwards and can tolerate jewelry once more, with a durable stability at social events that run all night long. Delicate lobes are no longer at risk of ripping and extra cushioning is provided once more for those favorite earrings. 

Dermal filler treatments are more or less a painless procedure, especially when Lidocaine is present.