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Hollow Temples

Loss of volume in the temples can create a hollow and sunken aged-looking face. Creating more volume in this area, using a medically trained professional allows the face to regain a healthy rounded and plumper face shape again. No doubt, hollow temples are more noticeable in patients who already exhibit a slim profile face.

Sunken temples can be the result of reduced bone density over time, as well as loss of tissue and fat. Filling this area with the thicker category of fillers produces impressive results that were never possible until only the last decade. It is these thicker fillers that usually last longer too, because it takes longer for them to break down within the average human being's metabolic system.

Dermal fillers such as Sculptra, Radiesse, Belotero Volume (with cannulas) and Juvederm Voluma are no doubt a revolutionary advancement in the world of aesthetics, where appearances can be moulded and adapted to one's requirements and personal preferences. Facial makeovers using dermal fillers can significantly transform a patient's features.