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Lip Fillers

When looking for a suitable lip filler, it's important to consider which brand works for individual needs. Higher concentrated hyaluronic acid fillers will carry more volume.

Each individual seeking more lip volume will have their preferences for wanting more lip volume. Here are some of the common reasons:

  • Creating an even volume in both the top and bottom lips
  • Increasing volume to make lips appear more voluminous and sexy
  • To increase aesthetic appeal of the overall face appearance - bigger lips enhance enhance aesthetic appeal
  • Improve asymmetrical lips, where once side may be less plumper than the other side. 

Before and after lip volume transformations show significant differences where patients lips appear more hydrated, plumper and sexier, contributing to an overall improved appearance. 

Lip fillers are not just designed for fuller lips; some lip fillers are developed for lip contouring to improve the vermillion borders and overall outer shape, before lip volume is addressed.