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Why You Should Incorporate Dermal Fillers Into Your Dental Practice

Why You Should Incorporate Dermal Fillers Into Your Dental Practice

Facial injections such as Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and Dermal Fillers are trending more than ever, which makes us think they’ll soon become standard practice.

The introduction of fillers in dental practices has grown significantly on a global scale; no doubt all dental clinics will already have ensured they have carried out the necessary business developments to incorporate the availability of fillers to patients, thus remaining abreast of any competition. We can summarize from this, that dentistry is not changing, but has already changed.

Almost all dental practice waiting areas advertise dermal fillers on their noticeboards, making use of empty wall space to market their services to existing patients whilst they have some clear thinking space. Instagram and Facebook are also proven avenues to demonstrate how they have safely transformed patients’ appearances with dermal fillers.

Moreover, in the same way teeth whitening was trending a decade ago and is now offered as standard treatment, dermal fillers are also settling in this manner. Dentistry has evolved to address both functional and cosmetic issues, which help to improve the scope of practice and quality of patient care that is available to offer.

Originally Botulinum Toxin, in the form of Botox, Dysport and Xeomin) was widely used for treating Strabismus, and is now used to treat aesthetic issues such as gummy smiles, temporomandibular disorder (click-jaw) and frown lines. Patients are coming out of their dental practice with not only improved teeth and smiles, but perfect looking gums and the absence of oral commissures and lines around the mouth.

Dental practices across the world will differ in types of certification required to practice aesthetics. Practices that have branched out to train in facial injectables will most definitely be required to carry out studies and assessments along the following:

  • Facial anatomy
  • Reviewing relevant literature
  • Shadowing industry expert injectors already certified in aesthetics practice

Dental practices are a one-stop appointment for patients who want ‘total facial aesthetics’. Patients no longer have to doubt or worry about where to find an aesthetician to administer their filler treatment. Establishing a trusting relationship with patients from their first step into the door is key and there is a real synergy being created between the two types of treatment (oral and facial); dentists are becoming more comprehensive in their treatment planning because of it. It is exciting times for dentists everywhere.

Facial injectables can account for up to 50% of a practice's income and can only increase on a positive note from a business perspective, as filler treatments become more standardized as a treatment option.

Patients that show exceptional customer satisfaction will almost definitely return for top-up treatments; the feel good factor of being in the dentist chair to improve one’s appearance, has over-ridden any previous negative stigma that was held onto for many traumatized adults who never enjoyed visiting the dentist as a child!

Treatments approximately take 10-30 minutes with instant results to increase confidence. Fast and noticeable results is important to all patients and often dental staff are eager to have procedures administered for themselves.

The value of aesthetics is widening and Rosaderma supply authentic brands such as Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero to dental practices worldwide.

With an increasing number of doctors offices and dental clinics requesting wholesale prices on popular brands, we have enabled automatic discount bulk buying on the online store, making it more profitable for your practice to start benefitting straight away. So the more you purchase, the bigger the savings.

A saving of 20% off may be received when purchasing 20+ boxes of Juvederm.

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