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Well renowned for being pioneers within technological advances across all industries, Germans are just as celebrated for their hyaluronic acid skincare developments including dermal fillers such as the HYAcorp brand.

HYAcorp fillers are more affordable than their Juvederm counterparts and offer a limited number of products designed to target treatment areas such as lips, fine lines and nasolabial folds. Body contouring also has two products dedicated to it.

All HYAcorp fillers are notable for their exceptional results and patients choose this brand time and time again for their affordability and value for money. The cost-effectiveness is this advanced formula filler from BioScience, makes it a favourite with both men and women aged 21 and above. Ageing is considered a positive experience with no hindrances. Possibilities are endless and achievements in terms of changing one's appearance are high!

Restoring volume where it is needed most is easy with quality products that guarantee long lasting results (depending on individual lifestyle factors) with the highest purity and biocompatibility. 

Healthy, glowing skin has never been more easier to achieve with additional increased confidence thrown into the equation!