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Non-surgical rhinoplasty is the process of using hyaluronic acid to fill the nose to create a smooth, perfect shape. Filling in the bridge below the eyes can create an aesthetically pleasing appearance alongside the perfect nose.

Many patients report that a year after treatment, their nose still appeared to have a great shape. This is mainly because of the collagen inducing mechanism many fillers stimulate, which means patients don't need to have retreatments. 

There are many important components of rhinoplasty to consider alongside bridge or hook filling; the tip of the nose (creating a ski-lift) and not to forget the middle of the nose. Three separate points all require harmony of filler to work together to create the perfect gradient of angle. 

Many patients benefit from rhinoplasty for increased confidence. Appearance amounts to a great level of satisfaction within a social environment, when side profiles are just equal as front profiles.