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Although Saypha Fillers have been rebranded to Saypha Filler within recent months, both products continue to be distributed until only Saphya Filler will be available.

Renowned for their lightweight consistency, Princess Saypha Fillers are well known for many positive attributes. They produce minimal swelling allowing patients to continue with their normal social activities. For those who prefer pressure applications as opposed to needle treatment, this filler is a hot seller when it is administered with a hyaluron pen.

Other products within this range include Princess Saypha Rich, Princess Saypha Volume and Princess Saypha Volume Plus for deeper volume. All products come with or without lidocaine, based on patient's individual preferences and compatibility. Many patients prefer without lidocaine due to the use of additional lidocaine numbing creams during application. Some patients may also have an allergy against lidocaine. 

The hyaluron pen does not come included and is purchase separately.