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Hyaluronidase (5 vials x 1500iu)


Hyaluronidase is an active ingredient or enzyme; for use by Professionals for dissolving the effects of Hyaluronic acid (fillers), such as removing "unwanted" filler or overcorrections, sometimes in the form of bumps.

Mesoestetic 150 Reductonidasa (product branded name) must only be used by a medical professional.

Hyaluronidase or Hyalase is an enzyme dissolver that degrades Hyaluronic acid.

Cosmetic agent with a softening and firming effect for skin to decrease overcorrections such as bumps caused by dermal filling with Hyaluronic Acid.

Each box contains 5 sterile vials x 1500 iu (international units) in powder form, that needs to be dissolved in water/saline (not included). A trained medical professional must be used to administer.

Ingredients: Hyaluronidase

Professional use only

Each vial is intended for single patient use only.

Equivalent to 50mg

5 vials x 1500 iu

Exempt from returns; not possible to return this product