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Vivacy Stylage XL Lidocaine BI-SOFT (2x1ml)



In its constant quest for innovative excellence in the medical aesthetics market, VIVACY Laboratories have developed the Bi-SOFT ® injection technology, the new generation of patented injection systems.

With Stylage XL Bi-SOFT with lidocaine you can fill wrinkles in your face and at the same time build up volume perfectly. Thus a natural facelift takes place. Only one wrinkle treatment is enough to fill and model the chin and cheek area and to give your face a natural look. As a result, flaccid skin can be restored to elasticity and firmness, thus tightening the skin.

The product also contains 0.9% mannitol, an antioxidant that slows down the natural breakdown of hyaluronan. The local anaesthetic Lidocaine, which is integrated with Lidocaine in Stylage XL Bi-SOFT, leads to a more comfortable and painless injection.

With Stylage Bi-Soft, users opt for a filler product line that offers high precision, convenient use and optimum control over the results, even for demanding applications. The special Bi-SOFT Injection Technology characterises the characteristic new injection system from the manufacturer Vivacy. The special syringe is the result of many years of research to make daily practical work even easier.
With the Bi-SOFT Injection Technology, Stylage Bi-Soft is focusing on an injection instrument made of transparent polycarbonate with a pleasant, non-slip soft-touch surface. To make the application even easier, Stylage Bi-Soft uses five different colour codes to quickly identify products. The novel injection instrument allows the injection pressure to be reduced, which makes treatment on the customer's side even more comfortable. High-precision results are guaranteed by the optimised centre of gravity of the Stylage Bi-Soft injector. Its ergonomic design leads to perfect results that are easy to achieve. The large, oval-shaped grip surface allows absolute control during handling. The colour coding of the injection volume is also well thought-out. This makes it easy to read off the injected quantity at any time.